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Welcome to my Meditation Page

Meditation is an ancient art of stilling the mind and creating a place where you can go and be your true self. I think of it as 
day dreaming because with visualisation meditations you use your imagination to bring the words alive in your minds. 
There are many different meditations, transcendental, lightworkers, earth healing, and deeper more profound meditations 
used by certain faiths, the ones you will find on this site are to help you in your daily lives. I hope you will enjoy what we offer. 
We are all different with different needs, please take this opportunity to meditate in your own time. The meditations listed 
below are in text form and all different.  I'll be adding more as time goes by. Please print out any meditation you wish.

One must always remember to ground oneself and be aware what is going on around you while meditating, To ground 
oneself be aware of your feet on the ground or your hands clasped. One must always be able to come out of a meditation 
whenever one feels the need to.

click on the picture below to watch a video that will take you through the basic idea on 
how to still your mind and body through meditation.


Click on a picture to go to a Meditation. Please leave a comment on your experiences. 



Golden Violet Ray

Reducing Stress

Your Inner Guide

Trust Your Instincts



The Walk

Moment of Peace

The Spirit of Music


Earth Angel



The Star Prelude

Love All Equally


Well Being