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Breast Cancer Appeal.  donate free . 

RSPCA.  donate to help us care for abandoned animals.

NSPPC.  help to protect vulnerable children. .

Sense. children and adults who are deaf-blind.

GDB. creates partnerships for blind people and dogs

Postpals. Befriend  sick children to make them smile

Me and Dee.  Moments when time is precious.

Make a Wish grant wishes to children who are ill.

Ribbons of Light.  Uniting the children of the world

Chemo Angels. Adding a ray of light.




Peace Mala.  Unity, Tolerance, Respect for all faiths.

Universal Love.  Positive articles from all nations.

Kathryn Diamond.  The Awakening and other spiritual  books.

AskAlana   Spiritual guidance working from the heart

Circle of Light.  Articles, astrology, spiritual growth

Dave Poems inspired Poetry and insight.

Conscious Connections. Healing and Self Healing 

Open Heart.   Evolution... Only Love Prevails.

Spirit-Path. Michele with her spirit guides,  

Voices from Heaven. A free online memorial site.

Spiritual Pathways.  For all things Spiritual

The Members section of Voices from Heaven

The Crystal Circle.  Insight to all aspects of the spirit

Channeling Spirit Guides Spiritual growth and healing

Sacred Space.  A place for Inspirational Writings

Founder of the Spiritualists' Lyceum Union.

The Spiritual Lyceum Union. Teaching for children and adults

Celtic Spirit an online Community to share spiritual knowledge

Gentle-Angle-Lessons  wake up to your inner voice.

Soul Quest Learning Center Minister Barb McLaughlin.

Psychic Investigators  Jane McCarthy,  and her team.

Eco-Dysgu. Learning to Heal.  Healing to Learn

Blue Age Healing offers Healing, Spiritual Insight.

The Secret Psychic  Long distance healing.

Your Changes 4 Success, Growth and Healing.

Day Dreams-4U. Meditation for you to use at home.

Meditation online free downloads. from South Africa.

Ann Masiker Visionary Artist Extraordinary.

Aura Imaging. Biofeedback photographic Technology

Beautiful Spirit Portraits. by Susan Hewitt

Angels by Sharae. Beautiful paintings of Archangels.

Aura Imaging. Biofeedback photographic Technology

Truth Contest.  Spread the truth about life and death

Spiritual Endeavors. One path many destination.

Ellie Crystal's Metaphysical and Science Website.

Jeff  Jones.  International  Spiritual Medium from Wales UK

John Edward. World Wide American Spiritual Medium

Jesus Blessing Ministries. with Pastor K. Vijaya 

The White Eagle Lodge. Spiritual Teachings

Spreading His Love Ministries with Eddie and Mary Rous

Psychic News - The Independent Voice of Spiritualism




Newington Design Company

Tender Touch Holistic Massage. Wales UK.

Original website on the Great Pyramid of Giza.

Find Your Fate. Horoscopes and lots more.

A welcome to Wales with different avenues to find.

Avalon Crystals.  Healing and Enhancing our lives.

Cygnus  selection of books and gifts at good  prices. 

Saskworld.com  articles from around the world.

Infoholix. Directory of Complementary Medicine

Positive News.  World’s original positive newspaper

Churches, Cathedrals, Castles in England

Seneca Nation of Indians Keepers of  Western Door

William Bloom  Holistic and new spirituality ideals.

Tutor Hunt. Discover new learning possibilities.

Unique Celtic Jewelry. For personal expression.

A website that offers Proof Reading based in London

Take a visit to the angels  mansion of love.

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