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St. Germaine - The Seventh Ray of Freedom and Transmutation :
Saint Germaine's twin flame is an Ascended Master Lady Portia
Saint Germaine is the Lord of the Violet Ray.

I have been working with St Germaine for many years, He is an Ascended Master who chooses to help people on the earth 
plane, his aim is to transmute negativity into positivity through violet rays. The world knows him as St Germain but he signs 
his teachings Germaine. 

I was inspired to set up a website called Celtic Spirit in 1999, to share the teachings from the spirit world, I was inspired to 
change the name in 2000 to Spirit-Nrg. It is time now to move on with a new name and format for our website, Germaine 
has told me that whoever finds this site is meant to.

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