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What is Crystal Healing?

Some psychic people believe that crystals can act as amplifiers of spiritual energies and can be used to help natural 
healers to extend and enhance their natural healing energy.Different crystals have different properties that can focus 
particular forms of healing energy - just as light passing though a stained glass window changes colour so healing 
energy is refined for specific complaints .Carrying a crystal will also enhance your own self-healing abilities and specific 
crystals may help you to overcome specific complaints.It is believed that crystals influence the subtle body - the energy 
body that carries our life force (known in the East as Prana or Chi) This life force is particularly focused at energy centres 
called chakras. By placing crystals on these chakras areas the healing effect of our system is boosted to bring better health 
and well being.

According to Wikipedia the earliest records of crystal healing come from ancient Egypt and references can be found in 
the the Ebers papyrus which refers to the medicinal uses of many different gems and crystals. Healing with crystals is 
also part of the Indian Ayurvedic medicine traditions, and in traditional Chinese medicine. These traditions are over five 
thousand years old.

Scroll down to bottom of the page to see a video Demonstrating Crystal Healing

Crystals and their Properties


“Fire Stone”

Brings a sense of courage and fortitude, helping to strengthen the body and the mind. It’s a powerful healing stone that assists the colon, circulatory system, lymphatic glands, pancreas, and pulses.




One of the first substances used by man, highly calming that facilitates energy, balancing, and cleansing. Removes psychic attacks and energy drain from others. Those who owned Amber felt that they had a talisman of great power.



Strengthens the endocrinal and immune systems, also has a good affect on the brain activity, Pineal, Pituitary glands, blood cleaners, and energiser. It helps with inspiration and intuition.


   “Friendly One”

Is a highly evolved healer, aiding kidneys, lungs, liver, pancreas, gallbladder. It aids tissue to regenerate while vitalising the blood. A good help to balance and concentration. Brings joy, sociability, and warmth.

Celtic Quartz

“Celtic Golden Healers” 

Golden healers are formed naturally by the presence of an iron hydrate mineral coating. "Golden Healers have been used to incite healing on all levels. It is an excellent stone to use in all healing situations and promotes the recognition of methods and techniques which will further recoveries from all disorders." Ethically hand mined in Wales and Ireland.


“Merchant Stone”

From what I understand Citrine is one of the two stones on the planet which does not hold or accumulate negative energy, but transmutes it, so it never has to be cleansed. Assists in acquiring wealth and to maintain the state of wealth. Useful in balancing yin yang energy. Helpful for clearing the aura and aligning the energy centres.  Use to stabilize emotional issues.

Clear Quartz

  “All Singing, All Dancing Crystal”

Good for the brain, good for the soul, a very powerful dispeller of negativity in your energy field and the environs. Transmits energy and a thought provoker. It is an excellent channel of healing.



Has a strong influence on blood flow giving lots of energy helping to cleanse out the body of toxins. It helps to overcome exhaustion, and balances the physical and emotional self.



Opens root chakra while drawing earth energy into the body. Stimulates life-force, boosts sexuality, and fertility. Garnets offer nourishing Earth energy to those who need it and is a very powerful first chakra activator. Some feel that red Garnet will increase the flow of blood throughout the body and is a grand stimulator.



  “Regal Mineral”

Is more precious than normally understood. It strengthens the nervous system, purifies and energises the entire physical body. Helps with tissue regeneration and attracts positive energies. A powerful mind balancer to accept love and open your mind.


 “Optimistic Stone”

Will inspire courage, personal magnetism, and logic. Helps you cope with stress, oxygenises the blood and energises the spleen. Will generally strengthen the whole body.



  “Virtuous One”

It’s subtle and smooth vibrations strengthen the heart, kidneys, immune system, cleans the blood, increases longevity, helps with fertility problems, emotional balancer. Fosters courage, justice, clarity, modesty, wisdom, and nurturing.

Lapis Lazuli

  “Royalty Stone”

Energizes the throat chakra. Augments strength, vitality, virility, mental clarity, illumination. Enhances psychic abilities and communication with higher self and spirit guides. It has also been used as a protective stone from physical danger and psychic attacks. Lapis Lazuli is a stone of total awareness.


“Rainbow Quartz”

 This is a new stone with healing properties.  Firstly this is a special new age crystal to help one through the planetary transition or cosmic plan of Dec. 21, 2010.  The Mayan Calendar provides an exact schedule for the Cosmic Plan and the unfolding of all things that come into existence.  Rainbow Mayanite will help you to feel safe through this planetary transition as well as to easily obtain this spiritual enlightenment. This unique crystal offers healing on many levels by resonating with our entire energy system or charkas. We find that the Rainbow Chakra Quartz never needs cleansing because of the intense strength and ability to self cleanse.


“ Apache Tears”

Black Obsidian is actually a volcanic type glass, Obsidian has many healing properties. Like other black gemstones it is used to ground scattered energies. The stone emanates truth and will show you your strengths and weaknesses.



“Rainbow Stone”

It’s iridescent flashes, stimulate the pineal and pituitary glands, aids balance, eyesight, and enhances intuition. Inspires self esteem and contentment.



Pearls symbolize Purity, Spiritual Transformation, Charity, Honesty, Wisdom and Integrity, all the best within us. Pearls provide a clear vehicle for the advancing states of wisdom, as well as a clean channel for spiritual guidance.


“ Emotional Healer”

Used by Egyptians, Aztecs, and Incas to gently cleanse and heal the heart, lungs, lymph, breast, spleen, intestinal tract, and strengthens eyes.  Solar Plexus (stomach, liver, adrenal)  Helps heal infection, ulcers, and thyroid.

Rose Quartz

  “Love Stone”

Gives a calming affect, helps you to let of stored up anger, resentment, fear, guilt, jealously. By aiding the spleen it eases sexual and emotional imbalance and aids towards forgiveness and compassion.



Red symbolizes energy, strength, physical existence and vitality.  It is associated with the material side of life and survival issues. It is used to stimulate the life-force, increase circulation, energize the nervous system.  Ruby intensifies life force energy, alleviates chronic fatigue and other environmental toxic diseases.

Rutilated Quartz

  “Powerful Healer”

It cuts through a lot of mental and spiritual blockages. Enhances the life force, stimulates mental activity, eases depression, dispels negativity. They are a rare occurrence, usually you see them inside another crystal such as Quartz


   “New Beginning Ore”

This legendary metal has many qualities, can bring help to mental problems and trauma’s by strengthening faith in yourself, to do the things you desire to change. A good emotional balancer and speech improver.

Smokey Quartz

 “Dream Stone” 

Effective in releasing calcified negativity like grief, anger, despair, and depression. I relaxing and a good balancer of sexual energy. Enhances dreams and meditation and helps to channel your abilities.



Clarity and truth are brought by the dispel of fear, it calms and clears the mind by strengthening the metabolism and lymphatic system, balances the mind and body helping with communication and insight.

Tiger Eye


This popular Quartz is beneficial to the entire digestive system. It inspires braveness and helps soften the mindlessness the over brave can suffer, a strong protection against negativity. A very grounding and balancing friend to the user giving clear perception and insight.


“Abundant One” 

Is the antidote for the 21st Century. This lovely stone detoxifies the body, warms, awakes, inspires, an abundance of health, by giving powerful assistance to tissue regeneration and strength to every organ and gland. It helps with giving a peaceful, tranquil, and calming effect.


“ Peace”

You will be very happy with the soothing colour of these stones!! Heals this life and past life blocks in the throat chakra. Heals sadness and grief, develops inner strength, fantastic natural sleeping beauty.


Click on the picture below to see a demonstration of Crystal Healing

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