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Aura's are affected by our emotions, the girl in the photo is perspiring.


What the people of AuraImaging say about their work. 

Throughout history, Auras could only be seen by only a gifted few. Progen has, through modern technology, 
given everyone the ability to see Auras! We here at Progen want you to see your own Aura in order to help you 
gain deeper personal insight into emotional and mental states, as well as gain spiritual awareness. Since 1970, 
Progen Co. has been and will continue to be the leader in Biofeedback Aura Imaging technology. 

Our engineers, with over 20 years of experience in designing high voltage detection equipment, manufacture the Aura 
Camera 6000, Interactive and WinAura computer programs with the best parts and latest technology. The results from 
these effort are consistent in producing clear and precise aura images on film, computer monitors, TV and video. 

Please click on the picture below to learn more about Auras and see the amazing work of Aura Imaging.

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Music: - The Gift of Love. (Recado Bossa Nova) Composer Luiz Antonio; Djalma Ferreira. 
Played by Eric Sullivan.



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