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Affirmations have been used since time began, it is a way of affirming to yourself that all is right with you. There are many 
different affirmations. Have you found yourself saying in your mind "I will do this, I can do this" you are affirming to yourself 
that you can do something.

Please add your favourite Affirmations in the box below, look in daily to see if there is one right for you.

You can copy and paste them in if you wish.


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This affirmation was given to The Bridgend "New Spiritual Energy" Research Group, to say at the beginning of every meeting. 
I have been given permission to share it with you to bring positive energy into your lives.


I am in the Lord, I am the Lord
In no ways different from the Lord
I feel no pain and I suffer no ills
I am Eternal, I am all Knowledge and Bliss 
I am Whole, I am Strong 
I am Powerful, and I am Perfect 
I am Loving, Harmonious, and Happy
I fear nothing in this life
For I am in the Lord and he is in me
Thine will be done.

By saying this affirmation you are affirming to yourself 
that you are a child of God, a part of him, as he is a part of you.  
With the grace of God the spark of him within allows you to be
all that is. 

Feel the words, take them into your being as you say them.


Music Days of our lives by Freddie Mercury